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Thread: New Here

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    New Here

    1) Testing to make a moon/sun.

    2) Testing effects.







    I am new to pivot, need suggestions to make better.

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    Re: New Here

    You seem to have a special care with details, which is very good and makes the animation more attractive. This is more noticeable in the "Testing to make a moon/sun".
    The main problem is the stiffness. Invest some time learning easing. Remember that every movement starts slow and then goes faster. Depending on the type of the movement and the context, the time of transaction from slow to fast varies.
    Also, remember to move every joint in every frame

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    Re: New Here

    Theres more you need to learn than just easing.

    What you also need to learn about is how to fix your stiffness.Basicly what this is is when a certain body part of a stick isnt moved for a certain amount of frames.To fix this just move every joint in every frame so that it more fluid.For more info on what you need to know check out this tutorial.


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    Re: New Here

    Your stuff isn't perfect, but it's... ambitious. If you do get all the easing/smoothness stuff sorted out, you would be at least a high beginner IMO, as you are using more effects and stuff than the average black-and-white animations.
    Good stuff!
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    Re: New Here

    Ey, Arch. I remember you from the Doors Tribute Collab!

    Anyways, down to the nit-grit. The effects/Detail you put in your animations is absolutely awesome. However, the rest is pretty meh. Easing and stiffness, as well as your foot placement, are your biggest problems here. I would recommend checking out some tutorials. Trust me, they help. Also, when you're making a figure walking, make sure the grounded foot in the current frame is in the same place as the previous frame. And try to move every joint on the figure. If you get better, you could be an awesome animator. Keep it up. I hope to see some great things from you.
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