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    blud.of.a.stickman's thread

    This is meh lonely thread.
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    Re: blud.of.a.stickman's thread

    Once you have animated a pivot animation, you want to save it as a .gif
    when saving as a .gif, what I do is I change the frame delay from 1 to 6. Then untick Merge and Palette. You can also change it to shrink the frames by half, I recommend doing this, it means that your image will take up less space on your thread.
    The next step is to upload it, either using photobucket or http://www.truploader.com/ or, you can buy MyFiles on this website and have the ability to upload your animations through the DD uploader.
    Once your file is uploaded, copy and paste the URL to your thread, if you want the animation to be viewable on your thread, without people having to click a URL, then stick the URL between these image tags .

    This will make it easier for everyone to view the animations on your thread.

    I'd like to see you try and make your animations smoother and more realistic.

    Courtesy? (It means if you think I commented properly, with constructive criticism, then you return the favour and comment on my thread)

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    Re: blud.of.a.stickman's thread

    Can I select ALL of te problems
    (no offense)

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