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    Apr 2012

    TheRagingStick's thread..MY ANIMATION

    Hi so this is my first animation in a long time i havnt been on in a long time. And the guy hes punching is supposed to be like a ragdoll/dummy. Tell me what i should improve on! thanks(:
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    Apr 2012

    Re: TheRagingStick's thread..MY ANIMATION

    It's good considering itís your first animation in a long time! Good Job.
    As too things you could improve on, there are quite a few.

    Foot placement: I couldn't spot any major flaws in foot placement; however, the feet were a little bit shaky for the stickman who is punching the dummy.

    Easing: I though the animation was quite stiff, mainly in the dummy's movements. On the third reaction, I couldn't manage to spot any easing what-so-ever. I suggest looking through DD to find some tutorials on easing. I'm not very good at explaining things so I'll be lazy.

    Poses: There was on pose in particular that bugged me, and that was during the stickman's third punch. I thought the movement for the hop/jump was weird mainly because the legs were so close together, you could spread them out a bit, and the stickman's back seems to be hunched quite a lot after the recovery from the punch. (If that even makes sense)

    Overall, I would suggest looking at tutorials on DD and ask other animators for tips and pointers. You've got potential man. I hope I've helped.
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    Re: TheRagingStick's thread..MY ANIMATION

    hey buddy...mabey make the foot movement slower. he steps too fast. remember you can punch 2 even 2000 times before actaually needing to step.


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