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Thread: My Animations.

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    My Animations.

    [center:2l9uvcbz]Newer at the top.[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]Beginner Animations.[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]Some test.


    [center:2l9uvcbz]3D Sword

    [center:2l9uvcbz]Unknown Project (Preview)
    Every time I made a project, I don't know what it is. True story.[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]5 Frame Walk
    What? It's not my fault. I just got bored.[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]DTD (Destroy The Default) Solo Preview
    That animation wasn't jointed by ANYONE. Not even my brother.[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]What a run..
    That base was mine. And I tried to test a run with it.[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]Arm vs Arm
    Dunno what to say..[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]Nothing much.. (Inspired by Joji)
    What the fuck am I making actually..?[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]Movements Test [Flow]
    Isn't it so flowy? o: NO.[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]Joking with Animation Factory
    This is what you called 'Rick-rolled' xD[/center:2l9uvcbz]

    [center:2l9uvcbz]Failed Punch & Kick
    Fuck the quality >:C[/center:2l9uvcbz]
    "Attacking yourself doesn't helps."

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    Re: My Animations.

    The tests and bored stuff seems to lack easing from what I can see, really try to work on that.
    If you're not sure what easing is then please feel free to PM me, but from what I can see, you seem to know most of the basics of animating.

    The run was excellent! Very smooth, if you animate more like that every time, you will be more successful!

    Happy animating, and hope to see more from you soon


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