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Thread: HI : )

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    HI : )

    SO YEAH this was my first animation with all moving joints each frame except in the foot sometimes and the sliding of the stk. dont care if you guys say you suck or anything i can take it
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    Re: HI : )

    Quote Originally Posted by wingchun
    you suck
    I'm just joking man!
    You're bad enough for me to say that you suck. You do have quite a few problems though. I'm not going to go into huge detail of what you need to work on, I'll just mention specific parts on what you could improve on.

    Easing, this animation is quite stiff and there is no fluidity at all.
    Spacing, the stickman's origin is moving to much considering he is only doing a 180 degree kick.
    Realism (poses), this is my main concern. The stickman changes direction, almost instantly and it look very weird. The beginning pose was very awkward as well, how both arms were bend in the opposite direction.

    I could go on but, I cannot be bothered... I'd say you're a low begginer, you still need to work on the basics. Look at some tutorials and keep practicing!

    Oh yeah, the ending posing needs a lot of work. It looks like the stickman has a very tiny hard on...


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