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    Kyoto's Stompin' Thread


    [center:1d055h4d]Hey I'm JT from the Philippines and this is my thread.[/center:1d055h4d]

    [center:1d055h4d]Run Practice#1[/center:1d055h4d]


    [center:1d055h4d]Stompin' Walk![/center:1d055h4d]

    [center:1d055h4d]Thanks for viewing my thread![/center:1d055h4d]
    [center:lk7xa89j]Click the flashy poorly made Japanese shit art for thread.[/center:lk7xa89j]

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    Re: Kyoto's Stompin' Thread

    Hey Kyoto, your animations show some potential... everything is good but it could use some work... but hey, everyone needs to get better right? so keep this up, and you'll be intermediate in no time... one thing i spotted that you should improve first is your easing... sometimes you don't move a joint at all in one frame causing it to stop, then it suddenly moves real far in the next frame... and when you make the ground shake, move the long line a bit closer to the onion skin, unless that's your style... and i have a question... your stickman movements are a bit cartoony, and fast and a bit jumpy... is that your style? cause if it is... i like it

    and it's cool that there are other filipino animators here, so take a look at my thread too and comment if you want... it's in my sig (below this post)... thanks...

    (Pinoy rin ako, at kanina pa dumudugo ilong ko dito)
    After you check out my Thread...


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