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    Where you are I am, besides, i got proxy!

    Punch and gun combo.

    I recently been practicing my combat and easing skills. I created this! Tell me what you think! You may critic me, but nothing to harsh like
    "You F***ing suck"
    "Suck my F***ing D**k"

    Nothing where you cuss at me..OK? OK.

    I made another. A simple lighting and body reaction test. A little choppy i know but its still pretty good
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    Re: Punch and gun combo.

    Sorry, but your animations aren't in the right section. Everyone starts out in Beginners Hall 1 or 2. The animations are good for some of your firsts, but you will improve if you check out the Tutorials section of the site. Keep animating man.

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    Re: Punch and gun combo.

    yo bro, this is a good animation for starters... i like how you challenge yourself to make your animations realistic, especially the simple lighting and body reaction test thingy... but i suggest you see some tutorials in the tutorials section... but i can give you some tips now... for the Gun thingy, when he fires a bullet, move his whole body cause when you shoot, your whole body would react right? move it a bit but dont exaggerate it... and i see you used lines for your lighting... don't do that, and to save yourself some time, just open the same stick man and arms again, color it yellow, then move it a bit to the right... i see potential, so just keep practicing and you'll get better in no time... im a beginner too, so you can take look at my thread and comment... the link is in my sig (below this post)
    After you check out my Thread...


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