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    Test animation. New character inside!

    I decided that i would post this on a new thread because its better than the ones on my others.
    I practiced my walking. Which has improved (A little choppy still I know. Lost track and forgot the Onion skin like a dumbass. ) My easing has gone a little better. I know it still needs more work though.
    Any ways here it is.

    Want some bitches? I'm unstoppable!

    I hope you enjoy. Im gonna practice more, I love pivot. And i want to be a pro at pivot before i dare go near other animation forms
    (Non stick figure
    flash animation
    3D animation
    and GIMP animation plug-in)
    How far do you think i am from the The intermediate?
    Also, I improved my gun blast. I did better on the reflections of light bouncing off of the muzzle. As you can see here compared to my old one

    New One

    See the difference?
    Don't rectify, signify. we shoot anyone who does the opposite.

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    Re: Test animation. New character inside!

    Keep all your animations in ONE thread.


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