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    how do I get ranked ?

    So what's the deal with me being a "wannabe" lol do I need a 2be ranked by one or several animators ? And send me a Pm on how to improve on this please ,would appreciate all the help

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    Re: how do I get ranked ?

    The "wannabe" (appears to now be "new comer") is related purely to your post count. Members with higher post counts get different rank-texts. It has no relation to your animation ability or the way members perceive you. If you were wondering, VIP members (purple usernames) can customise their rank-text and rank-bar.

    You don't get officially ranked. Ranks are opinion-based. When you join Darkdemon you start in Beginners, and if the forum staff (orange, light blue, green and red usernames) collectively think you are worthy of Intermediate, your thread gets moved to that section. Same process if you are deemed Veteran or eventually Elite.

    So, if you make a topic (in Beginners, please) containing some of your animations you may ask people to give their opinion of your rank. One may say "low beginner" whilst another might think you're "medium beginner". Point being, you don't have a set-in-stone rank.

    Hope that answers a question or two.


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