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Thread: KillerKiss

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    Re: KillerKiss

    hey bro welcome to DD... joining this forum was your greatest idea ever

    Okay, your animation was pretty okay but the stop of the punch was a bit too sudden... i think you noticed that cause you tried to ease it in the end, but you seem to have over eased... i don't know how to explain this, but you'll learn it sooner or later... or once i figure out how to explain

    One more error i found was the foot placement.. when you put your feet on the ground, it stays on that exact same spot unless you do something with it... so during your last set of frames, the feet seem to slide which makes it look a bit unordinary...

    but hey, all in all... it's good... you know how to animate a punch pretty well, and the spacing to cause power was pretty nicely done... one again bro, welcome to DD... i hope you enjoy it here

    Check out my thread bro... leaving a comment is highly appreciated... thanks
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    Re: KillerKiss

    Hey there, that was pretty good for first animation. I'll break it down into things you can work on and how you can work on it.

    1. Foot placement. Foot placement is crucial to animation, it is something we all hate doing and something that we all look for. Foot placement is about keep the feet in the same place when they are supposed to be. For example in your animation his back foot is arched on it's toes, and the front foot starts planted on the ground. Try to keep both feet on the ground, and we he takes a step, move the back foot, but keep the front foot planted on the ground, also don't make the foot slide, it is unnatural, instead make the figure lean forward and bend the knee

    2. Moving every node. In every single frame move every single node, even if it is just by one pixel, it will greatly improve the quality of your animations and is a good way to eliminate stiffness

    3. Stiffness. Stiffness is where you don't move a node and it looks off. This can be fixed by applying number 2.

    To work on this keep animating punches like this, you seem to know the right key frames and poses for the punch so by applying these things to something you already know how to do will improve your knowledge and will allow you to animate more complicated movements with ease.
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