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    Re: Fire¬¬ THREAD - - -> Up...

    I love the environment of the sniper animation, the biggest flaw is that the character is very hunched over and the cuts/movements are too fast. When he jumps out of the tower I would make his back somewhat straight, then when he hits the ground have him hunch over and put his hands in front of him to help break the fall, then when he gets up to run have him straighten out again and push off the ground with his hands.

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    Re: Fire¬¬ THREAD - - -> Up...

    Your animations are looking good, Fire. The amount of detail in the background you used for your sniper animation was good, and your little scenes were of decent length. What I can suggest you work on now, based on your animations, is blood and camera movements.

    One of the more noticeable problems in your animation was the blood. In order to make the blood look better you've got to give it a couple more frames for the particles to dissipate, even if that means dragging out the scene of the zombies walking by another 3 to 4 frames.

    Finally, and I know this can be tough, especially with a complicated background, are camera movements. You do a good job at cutting between the different parts of your animation well, but it looks choppy. Rather than quickly cutting to the sniper and then back at the zombies, the illusion of camera movements would be more ideal. For instance, when you're moving from the zombies to the sniper, pan them and the background toward the left hand side of the animation, then move the sniper and his stand if from the right.

    I feel like I've written quite a bit so I'll just go ahead and let you take all this into account. You're doing a good job so far, Fire, keep up the good work!
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    Re: Fire¬¬ THREAD - - -> Up...

    Isn't it annoying to type your name in when you log into DD?
    Looks complicated.

    Really cool Sniper animation so far, a bit of camera movement instead of static background would be a nice touch too, as it's really easy now with Pivot 4.

    Are those guys zombies? You did a good job on the physics anyway, it was quite enjoyable.

    I am keeping an eye on your thread man, keep it up.


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