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Thread: I tried

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    I tried

    Ah, Minifrij told me to post in here with an animation I made. So here's my attempt:

    It just goes to fast, and I have no idea how to slow it down or smooth it without it look like it's skipping.

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    Re: I tried

    First, Welcome to DD.your animation are a llitle stiff, try to change the fps a little faster, u should also work on your foot placement, i recommend you go watch the tutorial.

    soo i might rank u high-low begginer
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    Re: I tried

    I like the idea of the animation but your basic animating skills need improving, at the moment you are a low beginner but with a bit of advice and practice you could well be on your way to climbing up the ranks. First things first, try to be animating at a minimum of 17 fps. If you finding that 17 fps is too fast for your animation then you should be animating more frames for each movement.

    You also have to learn the general concepts of animating, a good place to start is learning about easing and then applying it to your animations. This tutorial explains it quite nicely viewtopic.php?f=36&t=5173

    You should also try to move each joint in each frame to help eliminate stiffness. If you space it right you should get some nice flowing movements.

    Using natural looking positions (poses) for your stick figures is another thing worth knowing, imagine how the movement would look in real life and then position your stick figure accordingly, usually animations look odd if the stick isn't positioned properly for the movement they are doing.

    Foot placement is another thing you should keep your eye on, your sticks feet are sliding all over the place why gives a shaky look to the animation and in general looks messy. Having solid footing is also essential in most movements that require a build up of power.

    There are plenty of other tutorials on Darkdemon and around the net that can help you, as well as the Pivot Animation Archive which has links to the pivot files of some of the better animations posted on this forum. Having a look at how the higher ranked animators animate there movements frame by frame can really be useful, I know I learned a lot starting out by doing that.

    Anyways welcome to the forum and best of luck with animating.


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