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    And another thread...

    If you've stumbled upon this thread, chances are, you're lost. But no need to fear, lowly traveler, as you have found a sacred domain in which only the strongest lurk. You are currently in my Pivot Animation thread, where I obviously post Pivot Animations. My rank is currently beginner, so don't expect anything too good from me right now. If you post in this thread, jut remember to be a good sport and provide me with good CC. (emphasis on good)

    Newest: Animation Practice 2 | The Flip
    -I had a minor mental debate on whether to call this a practice or not, but I sort of like this animation. It did require a lots of editing to get it to the state of quality that it now sits at and it was an arduous process.[/spoiler:sevi50ck]

    The Gallery
    Animation Practice 1 | The Run

    Also, Piv. files will be provided if they are requested enough.

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    Re: And another thread...

    its a bit unrealistic but nice

    Quote Originally Posted by Animedude
    What The FUCK!

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    Re: And another thread...

    That's a really cool style you got there, keep it up man.

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    Re: And another thread...

    Hey man! Nice animation. What I'd like to see from you is a few more animations so we can see how good you really are. It's good to see you are going back and editing your animations though, that is a great sign.

    The Flip:
    The key with this animation is the spacing (if you don't know what this or anything else I say is, just ask ). It seems to fluctuate, it is best to keep the spacing as even as possible, it will make the animation look smooth, and flow, which is what we want to see.
    The front leg is really stiff, and needs to be eased a little bit better. Same with the arms at the end. The ending was animated quite nicely, moving his leg back like that shows you have some knowledge of balance, and realism. This is really good, I can't wait to see more. Just remember to try and make something look as realistic as possible. If you go to some of the intermediate, veteran, and elite animations, and watch what they do and how they do some movements. You can always ask for the piv file to study, it really helps a lot!

    I'll check back with you later, but for now, I advise you to study others animations. You will definitely improve if you do so.

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    Re: And another thread...

    The flip looks great, no doubt you had to re-position many of the frames
    But the hands don't look right in the run. Might wanna change that. There's lots of running tutorials around.

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    Re: And another thread...

    On the flip, then lag step seemed to sort of stop short that what it should've gone. And the animation itself was a bit shaky. Also, some of the poses after the flip are a little bit weird. But, it's a cool style you've got going here man.


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