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    Oh Em Gee's brand new thread

    I am back! Even though most of you do not remember me, I took a very long break from animating. Though of course just recently I have been brought back to it, and have had time to animate. Planning on doing a lot of improving though.

    2/24: Came back! New animation


    Rude Landing -

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    Re: Oh Em Gee's brand new thread

    This may be a bump but he got no comments so I will bump the thread back up.

    I liked the animation. You use a heavy style and I love it. The tremors are smooth but add a lot of power. I liked the first movement as the stickman stepped out, however the random spazzy reactions weren't as good. It wasn't bad or anything but try not to get into the habbit of animating random endings like that as it may come off as lazy or poor story telling.

    Anyway hope to see some more stuff


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