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    Prodigiosus' Animation Thread

    Hello everyone. I am brand new to pivot, I just got the program today. I've been tinkering around with it the past 4 hours, and this is my best animation so far...(imo)


    Please, Please only constructive criticism!
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    Re: Prodigiosus' Animation Thread

    Welcome to DD
    That's not too bad for a first animation.
    You should Click Here and look at the part on simple movements etc.
    You need to look at easing and reducing stiffness if you want your animations to look natural and flow well.
    AnimationsGoogle|PA Thread

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    Re: Prodigiosus' Animation Thread

    Not bad. The arms and legs crossed over at the right times, however I think the spacing of the stickman kinda built up a bit too much. For a walk animation you should keep the spacing slow and consistent, unless the stickman is supposed to build up into a run or a jump or something.

    Add more animations, you will get more comments and views if you show more variety


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