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    Hedgehog's home ^^

    Hey guys, what's up? It's just another nooooby thread. Welcome)
    So, for the beginning, I'll show you 2 tests and one "animation")))

    The one with sword =3
    Test of punching

    I'd like to see some comments!

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    Re: Hedgehog's home ^^

    ok, they are pretty good.
    First thing I noticed was that the box you have used needs to be on top at all times, at one point one of his legs goes in front of the floor.
    The guy moving from left to right isn't bad, I think its a little choppy, needs a tiny bit more easing.
    The guy moving from right to left starts well into the punch, but on his landing his head is very jerky and the legs are stiff and jerk down unnaturally.
    The sword one is good, but the back arm jerk a little at the end.
    On the punch one, his arm jerks as it comes back before the punch and it snaps back to his body to stiffly.
    Work no easing all the movements to eliminate jerkiness.
    Keep it up!
    AnimationsGoogle|PA Thread

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    Re: Hedgehog's home ^^

    Not bad! I'm liking the fullbodies. The reaction to the stickman was pretty good, it was spaced out nicely, though be careful with the tremor effect as this can sometimes interrupt the spacing and make things look too shaky, it happened to the stickmans head as he hit the ground. The running looked good

    Update some more animations


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