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    1 Post Lurker L33Ts's Avatar
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    Aug 2012

    Legendary's Thread [I'm new here, bro.)

    [center:4aah7a3o]Call me Legendary, I've been animating since 2009, I quit in early 2011.
    I recently got back into animating this year.
    I lost my skillz.[/center:4aah7a3o]

    [center:4aah7a3o]Can someone rank a bro? bro.

    Dimensions 2 big 4 u[/center:4aah7a3o]

    These are short, I know. Just tell me what rank this would be so I have an idea.

    focus on these:
    dramatic observation.
    smash; ground.


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    Old Newbie Dyson's Avatar
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    Dec 2012

    Re: Legendary's Thread [I'm new here, bro.)

    They. . .Look like high beginner animations. But, I..don't know. You have good easing and effects, but you don't have enough physical movement for me to really say. Make a few just movement animations and then you'll get alot better criticism...lol. Sorry, just really hard for me to properly say with these animations.(They are good, I just can't give criticism on them due to all the camera movements and such. Being a medium-ish beginner myself, I don't know much about those things.)

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    Old Newbie
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    May 2010

    Re: Legendary's Thread [I'm new here, bro.)

    What I can say on this is that, on dramatic observation, tanks dont really bounce, if youre looking for a cartoonish approach, I guess they could though.
    In smash; ground, the guy flying with the blur, he just stays still all along, while youre just moving him forwards, try to make him move a bit.
    In random, the guy picking up the, bomb? Is that a bomb? Well, whatever he picks up, when he gets the bomb in his hands, only his upper body moves, if something like that falls from that height, and if its a bomb, if he just picks it up like that, his arm would definetly hurt, so maybe have him stumble backwards as a reaction
    Hope you needed that advice, could you do the same for me? Courtesy?

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    Veteran Enthusiast Sharpshooter's Avatar

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    Oct 2007
    Queensland, Australia

    Re: Legendary's Thread [I'm new here, bro.)

    Dramatic observation was good. Nice use of the camera, those tremors gave it a faster paced feel and the close ups helped too. The main flaw was the shakiness, try to pay more attention to this area as it lets down your movements a bit. Editing plays a big part in animation so you have to get into the habit of going back and editing your movements to remove all the shakiness.

    Focus on that problem and your movements will look a lot cleaner


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