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    Cytocyrin's Animation Show :D


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    Re: Cytocyrin's Animation Show :D

    Wow, the overall animation is pretty good, but working with full colour sticks like that makes it quite hard, for a beginner, its better to start with just the arms and legs, just for it to be easier. The effect on the gun shot is pretty good, but most of the animation is quite shaky and stiff, im not quite sure what the thing at the end (or start) is, with the guy appearing behind the girl, and suddenly, he gets some hair, and the building gets some colour, and then the guy just dissapears.
    One thing that bugs me (Other than the dissapearing guy) is how the moon all of a sudden dissapears, its just not like that...

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    Re: Cytocyrin's Animation Show :D

    Don't Use Full bodies!!
    Although its pretty good, stick to normal sticks.
    The physics of the fall are very good, her hands slide around on the gun a little bit after she climbs up.
    I think if you're going to use a full-body you need to do more easing, maybe have a higher frame rate, otherwise its going to look quite shaky.
    Keep it up!
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    Re: Cytocyrin's Animation Show :D

    That's actually pretty good for a beginner (Better than me at least).
    I hope you can climb your way up to Elite.
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    Re: Cytocyrin's Animation Show :D

    Quote Originally Posted by manmat1
    Don't Use Full bodies!!
    I disagree, especially with pivot 4's new features, full-bodies are simple.

    Do whatever you want dude! just remember the basics, try and make everything look really clean and you'll be ok

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    Re: Cytocyrin's Animation Show :D

    Arch is that you?


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