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Thread: rankme guys :D

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    Apr 2013

    rankme guys :D

    Hey guys, I'm bringing a few animations, tell me please what range is


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    Re: rankme guys :D

    I think you need to speed it up a bit. It looks good and all in the fps it is in in my opinion, but some parts don't. I recommend changing the fps to 18-24

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    Re: rankme guys :D

    The beginning looks a little slow but the rest looks pretty smooth.

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    Re: rankme guys :D

    Awesome animation. Very smooth as others have said, some areas are too slow so either space out those movements more or increase the frame rate to suit the style. Also, you unrealistically stretched out the limbs too much, it shows inconsistency in the 3D and makes the whole movement look odd, if you were aiming for more of a cartoony style maybe you should over exaggerate the stickmans pose before going into the stretchy limb effect. Apart from those small errors the rest was great.

    Lovely effects and that smooth style if spaced out correctly at the right times could turn out to be a popular and pleasing style to watch for other animators. Keep it up


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