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    First Pivot in a few years

    Spent about 30 minutes. Just felt like sharing.

    direct link: http://yourimg.net/nY6lq

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    Re: First Pivot in a few years

    Oh look, yourimg is working. :O

    Anyway, looks nice, very smooth. He seems stiff though, make sure you move every limb (Red dot) in every frame though.

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    Re: First Pivot in a few years

    Quote Originally Posted by Static
    Oh look, yourimg is working. :O
    It's a different Yourimg :P The old address was yourimg.in, and looked nothing like this one.

    But yeah, like Static said, move every joint in every frame. Also, make sure that you watch out for shakiness, there is a bit of it here and there for what I can see.

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    Re: First Pivot in a few years

    Seemed a little too eased. The motions weren't consistent with the easing, not like
    |-|--|---|----|-----|----|---|--|-| It was very shaky at parts, but I thought it was ok.

    I'd say low beginner because the animation was too much of the good things in a pivot animation (besides shakiness.)Hey, you could maybe learn better/faster since you nailed easing, a little too much, but you still eased!


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