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    my FIRST animation post

    YAY! I dunno if this is gonna work though :/ I have been trying so hard to get an animation up and nothing seems to worrk newbies, huh?


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    Re: my FIRST animation post

    A nice long first post is always a good sign of dedication(which i lack lol) i like that!
    Well first thing's first, you seem to already have an idea of easing, but you still need to work on it.
    Another thing, stiffness. Your animation is a bit stiff, try and move every single joint at all times unless it is a very small movement you are trying to depict. The effects were pretty damn good surprisingly, especially the portal one! But all in all your off to a fantastic start, read some tutorials in the Tutorial Section and I think that you will improve ten fold! Courtesy? [spoiler:x60t91yp]Courtesy is when you click the 'thread' link on top of my sig, and comment on my animations[/spoiler:x60t91yp]


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