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    rafal1926's Thread

    [center:2b5zy7q1]IS HERE NOW[/center:2b5zy7q1]
    Running Into A Wall


    The Little Ball

    [center:3kuq94so]I'M A ITZNQQB FROM YOUTUBE[/center:3kuq94so]

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    Re: rafal1926's Thread

    The Stickmen are stiff and in the animations is not a good easing.
    Also i would say that its a little bit laggy.
    When did you start animating?
    Maybe you can look a few tutorials about the basics.
    Also you should do more frames. It can help against this laggy effect.

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    Your animations need work. The 1st thing you have to focus on is the poses, you gotta make them realistic (the more relaxed the poses look, the better). Also work on physics, notice how an object falls and apply what you noticed. Smoothness is an important thing as well and to do that you hav to make the motion path curvy(don't bother yourself with this, you'll get it someday) and add more frames to make your movements slower. The easiest thing you can start with is the foot placements, look for oblivionfall's tutorials on youtube, they're the best. So yeah, put some effort and a heart on Pivot and you'll improve. Not bad for a beginner thought :V.

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    he started in 2012

    Srsly? Whats the matter


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