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    Hey maaaan, good job at trying to attempt something that is very much out of your reach as of now... just keep doing that, trying stuff that you normally can't do.. it'll take you far

    wasn't really much of a flip though.. no take off, you didn't really animate the landing, your 3d could use some work.. and next time, don't waste so much time making sticks.. in Pivot 4, there is like a feature where you can hold the "Ctrl" button, and move a joint to adjust its length just like you would do in the "Create a figure" mode.. try that next time, and i advise you to work on your 2d animations first THEN work on your 3d thats all i can say.. you seem to have joined DD a long time ago, but this is your first post... soooo, i guess i should say "Welcome to DD" then keep workin on your animations bro, and check out my thread and comment as well
    After you check out my Thread...


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