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Thread: My Animations

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    My Animations

    Hey Guys, I'm pretty new to all this animating stuff, so take a look some of my animations and tell me what you think about them

    My Animations

    1.My First Pivot Fight
    2.Man V.s Wall
    3.Beam Battle
    4.Master Chief Dies!

    I will Keep updating this list as i make more and more animations
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    Keep it up. Read some tutorials on easing and spacing, it helps a lot. Overall, your animations currently lack proper physics and are quite choppy. Both of those improve with more practice.

    Also, try to move all joints within a frame, it makes the stickmen look a lot less stiff and more realistic.

    You should try to make a few tests before going into an animation in order to perfect the movements you're trying to do. You should try making your own effects and stk's, it gives you a sense of motivation.

    And make sure to check out my thread
    My new thread.

    I give courtesy. However, the courtesy I give is based on the quality of your criticism.


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