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Thread: Dem animations

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    Dem animations

    Hey guys,
    so i've noticed recently i have been doing nothing and it's been extremely boring since i finished college!
    then i found pivot and have been messing around with it for about 1/2 days, so i thought i'd begin to post
    my animations to show people and get feedback for improvements!
    (order will be newest to oldest)

    -Horsing around-

    -Walk to run-
    (first ever pivot animation)
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    You have awesome potential. You seem to have a wild imagination which I lack, which is why it's hard for me to come up with new ideas.

    Anyway, work on easing and spacing cause those anims look choppy, but surprisingly good for your first animations. Both animations aren't stiff, which is good. Most people's first animations are really stiff with like 3 joints moving per frame, but you seem to have conquered that.

    My new thread.

    I give courtesy. However, the courtesy I give is based on the quality of your criticism.


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