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    My beginner animation

    Noob -.- me
    This is my 19th animation
    P.S Give me tips on how to make smoothness
    Started pivot for a week b4 coming to this site


    Movin too fast
    Probally my fault for puttin the delay fast

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    that was okay, but choppy and the movements didnt look as if they packed much power into them, and you moved one part of the stick at a time a few times which makes it look even more choppy, keep trying though you'll get to know easing and movements as time goes on.
    To make it more smooth and get on the right path, add more frames per movements but dont add to many to make it go to slow, and remember things dont start off fast, but gradually get up to speed, which is known as easing, use this when starting and ending a movement. There are numerous tutorials that include this.
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    up your....finger
    lol the second one their bodies are behind the floor XD
    press the front and back buttons to fix that, but i think a more major problem is work on physics, movements and smoothness. there are many tuts in darkdemon which should help you on your way to go.


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