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    My Thread.

    Newest animations
    Kick punch test


    A little test
    Kick punch test
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    Hey, before I start, welcome to DarkDemon!

    Your newest isn't so bad, but it's stop and go. What I mean by that is, when he takes his stance, he's not supposed to stop so abruptly. Like, he's to slow down yes, but he's never to stop, because this gives him the speed advantage he needs to attack. I know this because I used to do martial arts, and we always had to practice this. I suggest you just make him slow down a tiny bit and then speed him back up when he jumps up to do the attacks.

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    I like how you animated him being idle.. I mean the beginning, where he's not doing the combo yet.. The small left right movements.. Small details like this can really make your animations really interesting.. Just take the advice of Nide, and you're good to go... Im not saying that thats the only flaw of your animation, but just work on that for now.. You've got some foot placement errors, but they aren't really that noticeable... Welcome to Animator.net by the way.. We are hoping to see a lot more from you
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