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Thread: DayZ Animation

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    DayZ Animation

    A short animation which I made with Pivot and Flash. A rate would be much appreciated.

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    Yeaaahhh lets not give that away
    I won't lie I like this, I like the idea of it and I play a lot of Dayz so this is especially cool to me, however it does need work, for starters I would work on your spacing it seems as if you're spacing much to wide, and also you should work more on your flow and stiffness.
    -Nice work though I like . Courtesy?(it means you comment on my thread)


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    Subbed. Your animation was pretty nice. Had a good expert point of view even though the movements weren't the best. You just need to work on your foot placement, keeping the feel it the same place when needed, easing, which is the acceleration (starting) and the deceleration (ending) of your movements. Not to mention your stiffness, which is when you dont move all of the joints in a stickfigure on one or more frames. Having stiffness or not can really show the difference of skill between animations man. Welcome to DD!

    Courtesy? means you comment on my thread.



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