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    Please rank me! :P

    Hey guys please tell me what you think of my animations!

    Walk test

    run test

    3d sword test(cred to oblivion for the swords)

    Lol kick XD

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    the last kick one wasnt bad at all, was actually kinda smooth, the combo looked fair fluid but a lil awkward, n the blue guy kicking was kinda stiff, but overall a smooth anim, keep it up, good job,, courtesy plzz? link below in my sig

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    Hmm the two tests turned out well. I love the little head bob in the walking test, it gives the animation a loose feeling and leaves behind no stiffness which is what you want in your walk/runs.

    The 3D sword test was surprisingly good, even though you did use oblivions sword sticks, I thought you handled the whole thing well and in return the movements turned out alright. Though the spacing does appear too sudden and quick for my liking, also the head looks too stiff, give it more of an animated feel and move it around more like you did in the walk/run tests.

    Overall very good! About med beginner, those tests are good but try using these practiced movements in animations with more more depth and length, you'll surely become more noticed then.


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