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    Talking That Noobies Thread

    Okay, this is my first thread on the forums so if I'm doing anything I'm sorry, just tell me so I don't do it again.

    So I've been animating ever since a friend showed me pivot and said that I should try it out so I did. I wasn't really good when I started out but thanks to Thepivotforum.com (my original forum) I improved. I just wanted to try another forum to see if I could learn better techniques and stuff. So I could go on but let's just take a look at some stuff I made. I think I'm low-beginner or so I've been told I was on my other forum. Feedback is MUCH accepted.

    1. A simple walk

    2. A dropkick combo

    3. A small fight

    4. An effect test I made

    5. An awkward wall slam

    6. Training Jerk

    7. Ground Smash

    So how'd I do?

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    lucknow up india
    cool look at some phoenix's physics tutorial

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    not bad, i like the effects u did in the effects test, that looked pretty cool. and the walk was good, nice n smooth, but the head bobbed too much i think.. but jus work on the basics. Poses, stiffness, easing ect. not bad tho, keep it up!


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