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Thread: Apex the newbie

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    Apex the newbie

    I'm new on DD and I'm going to be one of the greatest animators ever. Heres my first animation.
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    not bad! youve got some pretty smooth movements and you eased decently in parts, you have potential for sure, some spots are still stiff and the foot placement on the black guy in a few parts didnt stay in the same spot in the ground, makes it look shakey, but overall man its not bad at all! good job n keep it up, ill look forward to seein more..

    courtesy? link below

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    I agree with Slacker, your animations aren't near intermediates yet, but you have sure signs of doing great things here. Your effects are good,
    they are at a high-beginners quality. Most of your moves are good, smooth, eased good, flow is good, and everything else isn't bad.
    I wish you luck and hope to see more from you in the future.

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    Advice: just keep practicing, plan big things, and don't stop! And keep your skill level going up.
    Courtesy: http://www.animator.net/forum/pivot-...nimations.html


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