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Thread: ReEAzZ Thread

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    ReEAzZ Thread

    Hello ! Welcome to my thread !

    (the .gif is heavy)

    Well, I await your comments and opinions!
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    Holy shit man. When did you start animating?
    Alright, for your Animator vs Animation

    +It was quite smooth, you handled the flow and easing on both the stickfigure very well
    +It wasn't original, but still a pretty cool idea.

    -As I said, I've seen this been done quite a few times :P
    -It ended too quickly and very abruptly, the animation just needs to be finished!

    Krust and Vagic inspired:

    +You captured Krusts style very well, good job!
    +The easing and smoothness was great.
    +Well done on giving the stickfigure life, especially when he looked at the obstacle. Something that not many animators do!

    -again, it's very short!
    -You should've put up the framerate a bit more. It seemed slow-ish.

    Anyways, I'd rank the Animator vs Animation high beginner and the Krust and Vagic animation low intermediate. However, I think you'll have to make more and lengthier animations to get moved up. Keep up the good work man!


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