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    Super Fun Animation Time with Pillo


    So, I've been using this website for a while. Since 2011. I forgot the password to this account, And the email i used for it. until like 20 minutes ago (from time of writing).
    I've been off and on this website, and pivot animating in general. My skills have developed slowly. So even though I've been using pivot for about 3 years I'd still consider myself a low beginner.

    (Totally didn't copy-paste that^ from my introduction post.)

    I Guess i should post some stuff.
    (hopefully IMG tags don't hate me)

    +20 XP
    Made to practice smoothing. (And jumping i guess). Took me around an hour. 3D looks a little off too.

    Bigger Version for Closer Inspection
    Fairy Dust Ninja
    Got lazy so the roll looks choppy. I wasn't sure how to fix it. Also didn't finish particles cos lazy.

    Bigger Version for Closer Inspection
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    Try and add a little more easing in some of your major movements instead of the momentum movements.


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