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Thread: First Animation

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    1 Post Lurker
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    Nov 2013
    add my skype then ask me and ill tell ya its a secret

    Cool First Animation

    Ze First animation i uploaded that is my other animation are sh*ts

    My Powes are unknown due to an anonymous looks xD, i woke up on a bamboo forest with strange aura around me i feel like I BELIEVE I COULD FLY.... nah anyway first animation i uploaded


    so anyone checking please tell me what i did wrong on posting

    Thank you for checking it out
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    Junior Member hamnet's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    low beginner. since you're just starting out try not using effects train your fighting skill and placement, movements, spacing, camera angles, the basics, there are a lot of tutorials on the forum that you can watch to help you along the way. Feel free to ask people question, best of luck!


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