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    my beginner animation

    hello this is spiral and i have a basic animation and yeah ik this is a beginner animation and it hey im a begginer actualy i am jking the whole time it is just one of my old animations actualy i am a just a normal pivot animater now because ive practiced for the last 2 years and if it is a bad animation and if u dont like it i will send u a better animation cuz this is one of my outdated one

    Last edited by spiralanimater; 07 Jan 2014 at 10:01 AM. Reason: there was a technical uploading glitch sorry for the problems i bet this will not be good for a beginner animations

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    Not entirely sure what you're asking for here, but gonna give CC anyway.
    First, very bad way of presenting yourself. never down-talk your work to someone you're presenting it to because you're giving them the wrong impression before they even look at it. It's taking a poopie then handing it to someone and saying, "Hey... I know this smells bad, but smell it!" You both know it's a poopie and YOU know it smells bad, but they may not. It'd be better to say, "My poopie smells like flowers! Take a whiff!" (End bad analogy.) Anyway...
    The animation needs hella work on timing. It's extremely stiff. The character with the gun fires very awkwardly. He doesn't look like he's really aiming or looking too hard. Instead, he seems like he's just holding the gun at his chest and firing. If that's the case and you want it like that, he should have better posture to brace himself against the buck of the gunshot. Also the whole thing he's doing with his left hand (the one on the trigger) is really weird looking. It makes firing the gun look awkward, the way he's pushing forward instead of pulling back slightly like pulling a trigger. The guy being shot could use a little more time to fall, but that's starting to get again into composition and timing.
    Not sure if this was obvious, but the perspective of the blood, his head, the wall, and the gun absolutely does not work. It looks like the blood has been splattered HORIZONTALLY across the wall and in an arch. That would mean that the head went up, to the side, and then back down again all during the motion of the fall when the bullet was coming from IN FRONT of him. Please take a look at this. It may just be the blood texture you used that doesn't work for this particular thing.

    If this is only practice, I'd love to see a better one to see how things translate! I do hope the best for you and your practice!
    End CC!


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