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    eddyowen32s Anims

    Hope You Like My Anims!
    Run and Double Punch (Slow-Mo):http://imgur.com/LIrrUZX
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    In the Run and Double Punch animation, it seems that you need to study the impact of the punches a lot more. It most definitely needs way more frames to really sell the 'Slow-Mo' effect that you want. Also, the jittering ground is really distracting. It may have been on purpose because you want to make his steps seem fast and powerful, but it just isn't consistent enough to help the animation. Definitely study slow motion for this animation. His steps get very awkward between the punches also. I think this is because of the space you have each step taking being so small, it doesn't really make sense for him to be taking such stretched out steps. Re-evaluate that. The character being punched is also WAY too stiff when he gets up into the air. It is called slow MOTION for a reason. Re-evaluate how fast he flies off the screen to show contrast between the slowness of him being punched and actually coming back into regular motion.

    The first thing that sort of punches me in the eye for the second animation is that when the first guy punches, he takes a step. This is very awkward because he takes a step, but the other character doesn't move an inch in relation to him. He doesn't get closer or farther away, so this looks very awkward and takes away from the animation. Again, the ground shaking may have been intentional, but please try to make it more purposeful. It simply looks like a mistake because the bodies aren't jittering as they would if the ground below them were actually buckling. When the first blow is thrown, it looks like the second guy is absorbing all the momentum with his back (which I'm pretty sure would break your back if you snapped back like that). Try to incorporate more movement from the lower body in this kind of fighting animation. It looks way too stiff and undone with just the upper bodies moving. Also, work on timing for the victims of the punches. You have the speed of the punches being drown correct, but the one being hit looks like he's just arching back smoothly. Have them jerk back or recover faster. The way they are, they're moving back much too steadily to sell the power of the punches. Also, watch what you do with the arms on the victim. The arms wouldn't move back at the same time of the torso, they'd follow after it by a tiny bit because the energy of the punch hits the torso first and THEN is transferred to the arms.

    I hope you take these into consideration! It may seem like a lot of nitpicking, but it's the little stuff that makes your animation believable.

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    Thanks for the feedback! I was doing the jittering ground on purpose but i have taken your feedback into consideration and i will try to put it in my animations. Thankyou!


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