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Thread: My thread

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    Dec 2013

    Post My thread

    Hello i am gus12 i started a new thread because imgweb.de crashed

    Here are some animations I've done

    My last project
    Kick with trail




    My first sword test...xd

    I dont know...it was just a test

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    Regular Member yachachi's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    Hello Gus12. There's something wrong with your sword test. Is the Movement of your leg and the body I see goes front , back ,front + the leg is a little shaky.
    And Try to eased. Go to the Pivot Tutorial and I don't know where the thread of the Easing tutorial.

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    Regular Member bullzeye's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    its not necessary to do double framing anywhere ur anim should be like that that it should not need double framing see to that
    u need to look at ur last frame through the onion skins and see that the leg should be intact where it was on the ground and make it look something like this

    courtesy pls pls pls pls pls pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeee
    my anim thread

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    Speaker Of Binary Nanixon's Avatar

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    May 2013
    Scotland ;D
    I like the style that you seem to be developing here. You show potential and I would really like to see more from you.
    CC: In the sword animation, your character is quite shaky, especially in the back when he lifts the sword up in the air. The way you can fix this is set your onion skins to 2 in the options menu where you set your dimensions, It'll help keep an eye on the motion path of your figure and make sure he isn't shaking. You may also need to work on your foot placement. His feet are jumping around all over the place when he throws throws the sword. You can easily fix this by making sure the feet fit exactly on top of the previous onion skins when he is standing still, but when he is shuffling or the camera is following him, you can make an exception, just be sure to follow the motion path.
    In your test animation, when he jumped, it seems that there wasn't a whole lot of gravity, a way you can stop your animations looking "floaty" is easing.
    Imagine "l" is where you add a frame during a movement and "." is a pixel. It should look something like this:


    Overall, your animations are of a pretty decent quality, just work on the few things that I mentioned and you'll see yourself improving tenfold
    Your animations are a little short to judge properly, but from what I can gather you're at about
    Low Beginner..........l....Med beginner
    but that's not a bad thing, like I say, I don't have a lot to judge from, so you may be higher up the scale than this :P I'd really like to see a longer animation from you, I'll come back when you update

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