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    Cool A Very Bad Start

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone else had really bad animations on their first five or six Pivot animations. If so, please send me an email regarding the first or second attempt at using Pivot - sayeedwakil30@hotmail.com Thanks guys, just a little notice for those other beginners who I will, under their will, send an email to which consists of my first animations. I can do quite good backflips, walking, running and kicking. I am currently piecing together a "Mortal Kombat" scene, with WeVideo and the sounds at findsounds.com and yeah. Just came to say hi, I started today (25/03/14) and just want you guys to post me tips, tutorials and perhaps a word of "brotherly" or "sisterly" advice.

    -I am a Muslim, please no racial comments regarding this topic though.

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    Hey man, pretty much everyone's first animations were pretty bad. If you posted an animation or two that you have made, we can criticize it and hopefully help you get better!

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    Welcome to Darkdemon bro, don't worry if any racial abuse is pointed towards you I will personally ban them, it is not accepted here in the slightest.
    Looking forward to seeing the animation you make. If you want, there are some pretty good tutorials in the tutorial section so you should go check them out.

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    Well, I can't find it cause I think I deleted it, but I can tell you it was pretty shitty. Everyone starts out bad man, you'll get better. Don't be afraid to post your animations. Welcome.

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    DonŽt be afraid, everyone has to start somewhere. My first animations were very bad. YouŽll get better with time, just post your animations and we will sure help you improve.


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