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    Lightbulb Animator KwaL animatoins

    I'm not a veteran, and animations are not perfect, but I want to learn how to animate a good help in this please

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    Welcome in Darkdemon.
    Get some CC :

    Good use of the effects of droidz pack : fluid and colorful. The blue effect isn't cast by him i guess, cuz it wouldn't fit to its fire element.
    The poses are realistics, and the feet don't shake at all on the ground, that's a nice habit.

    But you may need to focus on stickfigure movements.
    The first movement is not convincing. Even if some beast effects were added, when the limbs are moving slowly to its goal, i can't feel the power of these blows.

    Ah, the second "flamethrow" was good though, this move actually shows power.
    Why is that ? What is the difference ?
    The limbs goes on with a constant speed, but they should be more nervous. Here comes Easing.
    Non easing is like : |--|--|--|--|--|--|
    It should be more like this : |-|--|------|--|-| (rough example for explanation)

    Secondly : The head is shaky : |-|---|-|--|--|
    Try to not have these irregular spaces between the frames. Check the onion skins, and if you use Piv 4, you can display more than one onion skin
    (and also can quicly switch to the next/previous frame by pressing > or <)

    You can check the tutorials section. There's some more things to learn about fighting stuff, like charge, and recoil.

    You can deal with effects, but you need to refine the basics. med-high beginner

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    but these are my effects

    Merged, please use the edit button instead of double posting. ~Lush
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    You must've been animating for a while before you joined, the effects look really refined and cool. It just bothers me how the blows looks really slow and how the head bobs side to side occasionally, but hey, you animate a hell of a lot better than I do right now. I can't wait to see what else you have.


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