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Thread: Hi, I am new

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    Hi, I am new

    Hi, I just started Pivot yesterday, and I am having tons of fun with it. I know that I pretty much suck, but I want to get better.

    My first one
    http://www.fileshack.us//files/765/Stic ... _Groin.gif

    Do the robot
    http://www.fileshack.us//files/765/Stic ... erobot.gif

    Death for everyone!
    http://www.fileshack.us//files/765/Stic ... /DEATH.gif

    My first stick combat (very basic combat)
    http://www.fileshack.us//files/765/Stic ... /sword.gif
    *The sword was made by frozenfire550 on the Pivot msn board*

    I am really impressed with all the animations on this forum and hope I can become as good.

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    bad physics but your not choppy. pretty good for firsts. and atleast you undertsand basic movement

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    Well nice to see your so enthusiastic about pivot

    This brings back my first animation, lol well I can tell that you tried to make it smooth, which anyone who starts out will do, just try to make small increments, but in reality you need to use easing, there are numerous tutorials about it, even in my sig, click the best tutorial, that is awesome could really help you out.

    Now since your just starting I get why your physics are really bad, just try to improve them, as you use pivot longer you'l get better and that's a given for anyone who starts with pivot and sticks with it .

    Keep trying man, hoping you get better at this.
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    As others said, it is slow, and not realistic, but its not choppy, have a look at some tuts and try moving the whole character, crank up the speed and it will look good
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