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Thread: My Youtube Channel's ONLY Two Videos So Far!

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    My Youtube Channel's ONLY Two Videos So Far!

    I have a Youtube Channel, which has only two videos so far, one is an intro, and one is a Update Video, I'm not really THAT good, but please help and criticize if you want, do whatever you can that could help me out for this channel and my animations, here are my two videos (Since you don't know my channel), this is by BlownAway Animations (Me), so here it comes:

    And here is my update video:

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    Well, you need to work on poses, easing, foot placement (im not autistic), choppiness, and making good runs, walks, punches and the like.
    get on th e da r k d em on. co m (without the spaces) for more info and better help.
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    Try looking at the easing in my animation-
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    Progress- About 5%

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    @donny the easing and camera movements seem to be your biggest problems. keep the camera still and work on moving the origin ONLY with the arrow keys.


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