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    Talking RewSayko's Thread

    I don't know if I qualify or not?
    ​I was in the Pivot of 1 year.
    My name is Chris

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    Is this quality ?
    I'd say yes, you are near the intermediate rank.
    But there are some details that needs to be avoided while animating.

    -In the DBZ anim, goku's stick is floppy, he don't show enough power in his hits. Make him more solid, and use your spacing wisely.
    -The second animation is a little little shaky on the head and the hitting arm, but nothing is wrong except that it's a short test.
    -The pokemon anim is kinda epic and very entertaining, But again, details ...
    in the beginning, the poké-throw is weak, and in the end there is a nasty choppyness when the head is getting close to the camera. The movements of the fire pokemon (called Brazigali in france) are shaky, it is clear that you put most of your efforts on the dragon.


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