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Thread: Meow

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    I used to animate a few years back, and was active on Droidz and Dark Demon at the time. I'm back into pivot, trying to shake this rust!
    Working on this lil thang v

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    I see you like using easing a lot, but you forget some other aspects in this animation :

    - stop&go is the main problem here that keep the flow away. The most stop&go-ish part is when two normal guys fight eachother.
    I can't really explain how to fluidify stuff, look at this article instead.
    - Weird tremor, when the BG line shifts, all the other stickfigures really should copy this shift. (part when the flying circle flies)

    on the positive side, i like how you used cartoonish figures and "real" sticks, and the randomness always make me smile.


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