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    Lightbulb After 3 years break from animating Im back

    Sup guys BR here, after 3 year break from basically any form of art, creation I am back.....
    I have made 1 new anim which I would like you guys to see, rate, rank and criticize so that I could Improve my skill as an Animator.

    It does not have Name and wont have,(if you want you can suggest some name) because I made it in sole purpose of testing my skill
    No story, No BG, Just Animation

    And some of my previous works before I took a break

    I would be Thankfull if you could also tell if I lost some edge...

    Discussing 'bout Eminem
    Courtesy Bro
    My Animation Thread

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    well your still alot better then me. I think you only lost a little

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    seems very choppy to me ease more and try to move the limbs slow so its smooth, also have sure footing


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