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    Stuck Tries to Animate: First steps

    Stuck's Thread

    NOTE:I animate because it's fun. I'd like to get better. I just found Pivot again after a long absence. I hope to make friends and learn a lot here while I get better at the hobby which is animation.

    ALSO: Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

    Newest: First Steps

    Yeah, it's not much to judge anything on, but It's something to put up and get me started. I'm working on creating my own base stick that I find easier to work with. Also probably gonna check out some tutorials. I hope to post something with a little more substance next time.

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    So, I think that you should move your legs and arms a little more, and also, it looks too quick in the middle. I can't create a walk cycle .gif because when I try, I can't get the repetition to look good, and also, if I knew how many frames and what fps I could help a little more.


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