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    Aug 2006
    some kinda... Chocobo ranch....

    CrazyMLC's Animation

    well, i'm making a new topic, because:
    1. my topic went to the dogs. and the dogs ate it. and they pooped it. and someone purned it.
    2. also i cant see my old one to bump it anyway.

    animations: (wait for updates)
    (not sorted)

    Halo test

    credit to 051 for .stks

    quick fight

    walking test

    water test, w00t

    credit to stickid for the .stks

    good old sword test

    credit to Revilo for the modified comish

    window effect test.

    credit to Jon's tut

    stick fight i did with a person named zero

    since i was bored i went along with that subject :P

    concept was that i didn't have to beat him up. he would die himslef.
    he ended up winning, you see.

    one of my old ones.
    i like it though...

    beam test

    credit to Bahamaut for some effect stks.

    Dagger test

    credit to bahamaut for shadows

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    Cooking a snagger on the barby!
    there really good, although plz put them into a link instead on pics.
    You could still use an improvement on the sticks attacks though
    overall rating 8.5/10
    my animations COURTESAH?

    chuck norris doesnt sleep, he waits

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    up your....finger
    try not to image severything, use urls.
    also theyre good, cool water effect well done


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