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    Hi guys i'm new to pivot

    Hi guys i'm new to pivot and i want to get better! Any tips for getting better?(i have read all walking,running,punching etc tutorials and it was awesome) How many hours to practice a day,how to have a smooth animation,things like that ^_^.
    And also i've made a animation 600 frames.
    Thank you
    http://imgur.com/9GtRUwr (here, first 1 hour it's like 70-80% of the animation, then when goku appears was in the 2nd hour

    (P.S. i'm a very new "animator" like 2 hours and i know that my animation aren't that good ^_^)
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    I liked it but I couldn't really understand it properly. I liked how you were able to make it very smooth, even though you are a 2 hour old animator and that made me very impressed.

    Oh yeah I don't really have any tips to give you because I never watch tutorials and don't animate much so just wait until some more animators come by and view your work.

    Well bye.


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