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    Smile Guy who hasn't touched pivot in 3 years wants to know how good he is

    Hey, so I took a really big hiatus from pivot after its' popularity started declining... I think I might be, like, a handful of people who still care about Pivot now.
    Anyways, so i actually decided to finish off an animation i did for a new character who is going to be my title one from now on. Whilst everyone else was animating martial-arts anime fights, Counter Strike parodies or just stickfigures doing 2008 stuff, I was basically working on this ditty.


    So the thing Is, even though I haven't touched pivot in years, I want to know how the animation is. It's just really awesome for me to find a breathing community that still cares, even beyond 10 years. And besides, not having touched the program in 3 years, I find the animation not too bad myself.

    P.S. How could I declare pivot wars? I know this is cringy, but I want to know my character's potential. I'm no warmonger, but it's just that I haven't even found ANYONE who cares about this anymore in 2 or so years. And I know you guys are probably not even consistent visitors, but I'm not gonna hate you for it. I can understand Pivot is declining. I just wanna go into this new community one more time, doing what I love. And with the very recent release of pivot 4, this may not be as hard as I think.

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    What is up Mauser! I'm in the EXACT same boat as you, fancy that! I animated for about 2 years way back when I was 10-12, and I'm 17 right now. The community seems SOOOO dead. It kinda seems like stick animation isn't a thing unless you're animating in flash on Hyun's Dojo haha...Flash animators are super awesome, but I'm not looking to pay money to learn how to animate in a totally different way than I originally learned. That being said, I'm getting back into animating after 5, almost 6 years. I actually dig that animation, the Western vibe isn't one i've ever seen animated with sticks before. Frankly there's plenty to CC, but that's in no way me saying it's bad. You had some really cool concepts and the main stick figure is animated pretty well in contrast to the target dummies(Which is totally reasonable) His gunslinging was flashy and I like that. I commented on the post of another guy who was new to the Beginner's hall saying that I hope we can grow together, and frankly I'm gonna say the same to you. All of us lower class aspiring animators gotta stick together! I'm going to make an animation sometime this week and post it on my own to-be-created thread in this here beginner's hall. I'll make sure to check up on your animation thread and keep tabs on your progression dude!

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    great animation! I totally feel you, omnistellar, Pivot isn't the 'thing' anymore. but who cares? here's my first animation: C:\Users\Raahil Junaid\Documents\book\boxing1.1.gif

    But recently, peter bone has been working on pivot animator 5, with bendy lines, more segements, and a multi-colour option!


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