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    omg stfu iTS A LION GET IN DA BASE!
    1.check tuts
    2.take time
    3.try a littl harder
    my animations
    my eztoon thread
    Quote Originally Posted by flameing wolf
    It's not worse than when I tried to burn the woods behind my house >_>

    ^^thnx to SM^^
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    supa spra stiff wowzah

    work on stiffness, running and blood, add lots a blood! the more blood, the better it is!

    also were those bullets flying everywhere? if so, try to make a slo mo when the bullets are flying next time, itll look cool, if you have slo mo...ITS WILL LOOK COOL!

    anyways i thot overall, it had an unoriginal base line which is totaly normal becuz everyone is out of ideas for animating new stuff.....lol how many animations involve guns or kung foo or killing? like about 100 %!

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    need to work on stiffness (as said above)
    ))(* -«s
    my ani
    some of my anis has stuff from Smashdood's skate pack like(Sakte boards,and a modifyed thick man)hehe if you find this pm me ill give you a cookie

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    try making it a bit slower
    and work on a little more realistic movements
    also, try to make it a bit more obvious he's dodging the bullets at his feet
    cuz it kinda looks like pure dumb luck
    lol ))(*

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    The Good:
    Nice use of blood effects
    Kinda Realistic
    Good Camera movements

    The Bad:
    It's a bit fast lol try making it slower

    that's about it


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