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    sorry. but i like others not alot of us are willing to download pivs. save them as gif then upload them on http://www.imageshack.us

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    meh your ok you have alot of humor and faces AND slow-mo in your ani's i think you'll improve fast but remember to save ani's as GIF and host on imageshack >.>
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    My advice would be to always add a floor on the anis! Work on physics, recoil, blood and fighting!
    If those are your first ones you will defenetly rock in about 4-5 months (only if u keep practising) 8o (-cool_)

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    I only watched the first one, but that was really choppy, you also should use a smaller screen size. Work on your movements and your physics. Check out Bahamut's Ultimate Pivot Tutorial. Also, please upload your animations as .gifs, not many will want to download the .piv.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bahamut
    It's actually very good. Really smooth, and the first couple of punches looked fairly realistic. But, the way it ended was really weird. Fix it, lol.
    Bahamut complementing my animations?!?! Its a dream come true!!

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    Re: my first pivot

    Quote Originally Posted by szcar
    wtf was that?

    ok animes, bad movements, and blood, an example is when the guy(third anime) had a sword and luaghed, his arm moved but the sword didnt. also on that anime the blood on the defualt stick was half on his head and half off, not good, i suggest you look at the tuts, and it doesnt look good to use default sticks.

    overall 5/10

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    You've more or less got the basic movements down, now you just need to work on smoothing them out by adding less motion between frames. Check out the tutorials for more info if you need extra help.

    Good luck.

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    they were ok but very choppy. i suggest (if you havent already) you look at the tutorials.

    they helped me alot. check out my anims and you'll see they may not be too good but they are at least smooth. :])
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    Quote Originally Posted by picto
    they were ok but very choppy. i suggest (if you havent already) you look at the tutorials.
    I think he has looked at a few, because he has some cool effects on it. Although I do agree its abit choppy, you are well on your way.
    I like the "Air" one. Funny lol. Good job.

    http://www.darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=15116 Pivot animation thread. Courtesy?


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